I hope you’re all having a good week! I have some exciting news. Last Tuesday, my art class went up to Dublin to visit the National Gallery and the National Museum of Ireland (that’s not the exciting news, but I’m getting to it). They’re both lovely museums that I would recommend visiting if you’re ever in Dublin (admission is free, which is a plus for us broke students 😉 ). The National Gallery holds the national collection of European and Irish fine art while the National Museum displays a broad range of decorative art, archaeological artifacts and historical items.

Anyways, whilst admiring all the beautiful exhibitions it did come to my attention that I actually know very little about both modern and historical art. Now for a lot of people this isn’t really a big deal, but the fact that I’m planning to go to Art College in less than two years makes me think it’s probably time to start doing some research!

So, I thought  of a fun way to learn more about art and share what I’ve learned with all of you Artsy Teens…

I’ve decided to start a series called #ArtKnowItAll. On the first Monday of each month I’ll post about a different art movement, telling you about it’s historical background, it’s most famous works, important artists of the time and how they influenced society. I’ll also include a painting/drawing/sketch of my own inspired by the said movement.

Of course it’s impossible to truly “Know it All” where art’s concerned. This series  isn’t meant to be a really in depth study of all the art movements in history, but hopefully it will be a fun and interesting way to learn a little more about art!

But I need your guys’ help… Comment down below which art movement you’d like me to start off the series with! Classical Realism, Expressionism, Cubism, Pop art? Anything goes!






  1. Hannah · March 6, 2016

    What a wonderful idea! Do you know what University you want to go to, or is that too far way? 🙂 I graduated last year and I miss it so much. My specific interests were in the Womens Movement and also the Craft/Art Debate. They sort of overlap. But they might be of interest to you as you are a woman and crafty/arty 🙂 Hannah


  2. stuffeyefind · March 6, 2016

    Cubism is great. There’s not a lot of love for it though. It takes a bit of work for a piece to “pop.”

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