Why my New Years Resolutions NEVER last

So at the beginning of each year – without fail -I feel an inexplicable need to reevaluate my life choices, plan my future and just make myself a better person in general. So then I start coming up with a list of resolutions, imagining unrealistic scenarios of future success and convincing myself that “this is my year”.

Unfortunately, this random burst of motivation only lasts a couple of hours. The good news is, after 16 years I’ve finally figured out why.

Reason 1. Too much commitment.

The longest time I’ve ever committed to anything – school projects, personal goals, important decisions- is probably around sixty five hours, give or take. Even my music playlist changes on an hourly basis. So, as you can see, it’s clearly impossible for me to commit to a resolution for 365 whole days (actually 366 – leap year).

Reason 2. I’m forgetful.

To be honest, I can’t even remember what I had for lunch today, so can I really be expected to remember a resolution I made at the beginning of the year? Because the reality of the situation is, if I decide to stop eating junk food in January, in February I’ll probably be the CEO of McDonalds.

Reason 3. Why help myself, when I could be helping others?

Look, I can’t help it – I’m just a naturally generous person. So of course if it comes down to choosing between improving myself and improving someone else, obviously I’ll choose the latter. In fact, I’d just like to take this moment to say “You’re Welcome” in advance to all the people who’s lives I’m going to make better this year.


That being said, if you are the type of person who makes new years resolutions and sticks to them, well…. thanks for making the rest of us look bad. And on that note,  Happy New Year Everyone!


My Lazy Day Checklist

You know those Sunday mornings when you wake up and its raining outside, Adele’s playing on the radio (finally – after five years, people!) and you’ve conveniently forgotten about the ten page essay due tomorrow morning? So then you lie in bed making sure you’ve made no plans and debating whether or not your parents will let you do absolutely nothing all day… Suddenly, you remember that Netflix just uploaded new episodes of your favourite show and that’s it – decision made. Today will officially be a Lazy Day.

Now, as it happens, I happen to be very experienced in the art of Lazy-Day-ing and so I decided to share the ultimate Lazy Day Checklist…

1. The Lazy day playlist
headphones-690685_640 (1)
Before even leaving your bed, you’ve got to make sure you have the perfect selection of relaxing tunes to set the mood. Whether you want to listen to autumnal acoustic covers or a playlist of your favorite band’s best songs, music is a must!
My Lazy Day Playlist:
She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5
 I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
Sweet About Me – Gabriella Climi
On My Mind – Ellie Goulding
Stole the Show – Sofia Karlberg
Knee Socks – Arctic Monkeys
Let Her Go – Passenger
Fallin’ – Alicia Keys
Hello – Adele
Take Me To Church – Hozier
3am – Meghan Trainor
Me & The Rhythm – Selena Gomez
Sweater Weather – Neighborhood
Love On Top – Beyoncé
2. The Dress code 
So once you’ve finally gotten out of bed, its time to truly embrace the laziness with the ultimate comfy outfit. Now the internet will have you believe that this translates to a casual-chic over sized sweater, leggings, a messy bun and cute, ‘natural’ make up. The reality of the situation is that you’re going to be wearing an old hoodie and baggy sweatpants, looking like a sloth who hasn’t showered in six weeks. Honestly though, as long as you’re comfortable, who really cares?
3. The Food
 chips-843993_640 (1)
I think we can all agree that this is undoubtedly the most important part of the day.
Typically, a Lazy Day Menu should include a hot drink, pizza, crisps and chocolate. And if you dislike one or more of those things, you’re missing out on life man.
Easy Snack Idea
Ingredients: a selection of fruit (cut into bite-size pieces), chocolate chips, skewers
  1. Skewer fruit and marshmallows.
  2. Microwave chocolate until melted (making sure to stir at 30sec intervals).
  3. Pour chocolate over fruit skewers and leave in fridge for 5 min until set.

4. Movies/Books/Internet

Now I’ve grouped films, books and the net into one heading because we all know the entire day is going to be spent combining all three, often simultaneously. Because no one’s better at multitasking than a teenager watching Netflix and scrolling down their Facebook feed while holding their kindle in the other hand.
5. At-Home Spa 
For the perfect end to the day, treat yourself to an at-home spa session. Take a bath with some bath bombs, paint your nails and try out the face mask DIY below.
DIY Natural Face Mask
Mix 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey, and 1 medium banana. Gently apply to face and leave for 10 min before washing off.
several hours later
 The Sad End (optional)
This sad moment usually occurs in the middle of the night when you suddenly remember the ten page essay due tomorrow and proceed to cry . Or maybe you’re a really organised person and this is just me…