5 Reasons I Can’t Study

1. Lack of Motivation

Seriously, I can’t even find the motivation to run on a treadmill for 5 minutes, and teachers are expecting me to study for hours? Don’t be crazy. If I had that kind of drive I would be doing something useful with my life and not aimlessly surfing the internet with hopes of one day winning the lottery.

2. Time
Why is it that because I’m a teenager everyone just assumes that I have all this time on my hands? Between my non-existent job, Netflix marathons and serious procrastination, my schedule is pretty full.
3. Useless Information
OK, I know education is important and everything, but some of the things they teach us are just ridiculous. Why am I sitting over here memorizing a detailed map of South America when I can’t even find the local grocery store without a GPS? Honestly the systems just a mess.
4. Responsibility?
So let me get this straight Mum and Dad… you expect me to use my own initiative to go and study? Oh so now you’ve decided to start treating me like someone who’s responsible? That’s funny, because when I didn’t want to clean my room last week, then you called me an immature brat…
5. Distractions
Sometimes I sit down to start studying and it literally feels like the universe is conspiring against me. As soon as I open my  books that’s it, my phone starts vibrating, Mum’s calling from downstairs and aliens have invaded Earth. Next thing I know its 1 a.m. , my exams tomorrow morning and I’m possibly less intelligent than I was before I started ‘studying’.
Seriously though, all jokes aside, I wish you all good luck in your upcoming exams! Mine are coming up soon and I’ll be posting a few study tips over the next two weeks to help you get through the work load 🙂

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