Pros and Cons of Having NO Social Life


I’ve been on Summer Break for the past couple of weeks enjoying the lack of homework and remaining in denial of the fact that next year is my last year of school. But you know one thing that holidays tend to do is emphasise the fact that I really have no social life. I mean, of course when I’m at school I socialise, but when I’m at home there are just so many other important things I have to do. Like eating…and blogging…and eating…

Anyway it got me thinking, maybe this whole social life thing is overrated. Maybe being antisocial is where it’s at. So, like the logically minded person that I am, I decided to figure this out by putting together a list of the Pros and Cons of Having No Social Life.

Let me know in the comments below if you can relate, or if you actually have friends and just feel sorry for me ;). Also, comment if you have any suggestions for future ‘Pros and Cons of…’ Posts.

I hope you guys like it, as always it’s just a bit of fun! Now without further ado, here are the Pros and Cons of having No Social Life…k


Pro Your phone isn’t buzzing all the time with notifications.

Con That feeling of disappointment when you finally get a text and it’s from the phone company.


Pro You don’t have to waste money buying new clothes because you’re always at home

Con You literally wear the same three pieces of clothing over and over again.


Pro You don’t have to deal with all the drama that comes with socialising.

Con The most exciting part of your day is finding out what the latest google doodle is.


Pro Your parents don’t have to drive you everywhere.

Con Your parents start worrying as to why they don’t have to drive you anywhere.


Pro You can take part in marathons…reading and movie marathons that is.

Con The lines between reality and fiction begin to blur…

chips-843993_640 (2).jpg

Pro You don’t have to share your food with other people.

Con This results in a pretty unhealthy diet, but you’re OK with that.


Pro You have more time to be creative.

Con There are none! Okay so maybe I’m not a social butterfly, but if I was I probably wouldn’t have this blog and all my amazing readers! And on that note (awesome segue),  Artsy Teen just reached 2000 followers so I wanted to take a second thank all of you guys so much for reading my posts every week, and encouraging me to keep up my creativity!

. . .

Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂





  1. Veronica M. · April 8

    Wow, 2k follows that is so amazing!! ❤
    I can relate to a lot of this lol. I have friends and stuff, but still I'm definitely not someone who's out every day doing fun stuff with other people. I'm pretty sure my shyness and being homeschooled have contributed to me staying home quite a lot xD 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • maya · April 9

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 honestly, i think it’s great to have friends, but it’s important to enjoy your own company as well


  2. wordjunkie · October 31

    I can relate to all of this😉 I’m a total hermit crab lol😋 Btw I love your blog! I love doing crafts and artsy things! My blog is focused more on writing at the moment but I’ve been thinking of expanding it a little😊


    • maya · November 2

      Thanks! I’m actually doing a ‘blogging tips’ post this week – so make sure to keep and eye out for it if you’re thinking of expanding your blog 🙂


      • wordjunkie · November 2

        Oh that would be awesome! Thanks for letting me know 🙂


  3. fandomloversite · September 11

    Yeah, I don’t have many friends. I would like to have more friends, actually. But yeah, I totally understand this post!!!! Whenever someone texts me back, I’m like, yay! lol


  4. Boho Ndongo · September 7

    your blog is amazing!


    • maya · September 7

      Thank you!


  5. Grace Anthony · July 30

    I can relate to all that, and I’m homeschooled so I don’t even have to socialize at school 😉 And I definitely have more time for my writing and being an independent author! 🙂


    • maya · July 31

      Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉


  6. aweSAMeblog · July 13

    I love this! So true. All of these! And congrats on the subscribers!


  7. zoe2600 · July 9

    Omg, I can totally relate to all of those but ‘Con The lines between reality and fiction begin to blur…’ that is not a con, ever since the age 6 when I started really getting into books I have used them to escape reality, life is so much better if you’re only half there


  8. Fay Bahemia · July 8

    Hey well done on getting 2000 followers! I loved reading your post today.


  9. ZQK Z · July 6

    Hey! I just found your blog and think you are an amazing blogger! I aspire for my blog to reach heights like yours! Keep up the good work! ❤️


    • maya · July 8

      Aw, thanks 🙂 I’m so glad you like it!


  10. The Chaos Realm · July 5

    AHAHAHA! So true!


  11. cutepeeks · July 5

    Wow! I have been checking out your blog and you are SUPER creative!!! I am definitely going to follow 😉


  12. adrianawave · July 5

    This definitely sounds like me. I’m starting to get to the point where I’m not sure what day it is. Even worse, me being a night owl, the lines between normal sleeping/awake time are getting blurred. Mind you, I don’t really have a problem with it!


  13. the happiest pixel · July 3

    Good post!! I don’t have social life too…
    Love, thp


  14. Giulia · July 3

    100% agreed! Great post 🙂 x


  15. zizeloni · July 2

    “The lines between reality and fiction begin to blur…” amazing line 🙂 So true!


    • maya · July 3

      Thank you 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  16. syulette · July 2

    I am ALL OF THE ABOVE! Great post 😀


  17. gemmaxtodd · July 1

    I’m not an antsy teen, but I related to this A LOT.
    Also, I snort-laughed at the “the most exciting part of your day is finding out what the latest google doodle is” bit.


    • maya · July 2

      Hahaha thanks.. I’m glad I’m not alone 😉


  18. madebydemi · July 1

    Congrats on the 2k followers!! Amazing 🙂 I can honestly say that you are on the right track…! I am not in school, I am actually 37 years old and I regret the hours and days spent on the phone chatting about whatever nonsense, when I was your age. I wish I had made better use of my time back then, like you do now! Be brave and be yourself! We are all different anyway, so you don’t even need to justify that to anyone. Great post! Keep it up:)


  19. gahattoedgedesign · June 30

    Awww congrats!!! love all your pros and cons and sounds pretty amazing to me being overly sociable can be overrated.


  20. DrEMiller · June 30

    2k followers! Congrats on your achievement!


  21. Elm · June 30

    This is literally me 😀 I relate to this so much!
    Also, I’m mildly disgusted in myself, because I only JUST found your blog. It’s so amazing ahh!


    • maya · June 30

      Aw thanks! I’m so glad you like it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  22. ThapanSanthosh · June 30

    When a person transcends that thin line… Well, it’s oblivion isn’t it?!


  23. Inspired Teen · June 30

    This was so unique and creative!! I absolutely love this post and it’s very true, although I do wish I had more of a social life, haha! CONGRATULATIONS ON 2000!! 🙂


  24. Brainpanstudio · June 30

    Happy Social Media day.


  25. thismessymama · June 30

    Come on, wearing the same three things is so a Pro. Less laundry, well worn so more comfortable, you know it fits…


    • maya · June 30

      Hahaha very true 😉


  26. mamandapanda · June 29

    Amazing list and congrats!


  27. mylifeasishan · June 29

    Loved reading this


  28. The Life Of A Country Dweller · June 29

    Great post Maya and congrats on the 2k -just remember, followers are more important than friends anyway! Who needs friends when you got followers. Am I right or am I right?!


    • maya · June 29

      Hahaha so true girl, my friends are all crazy anyway 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Congrats on 2,000 followers! Your blog is so much fun 🙂


  30. maudalush · June 29

    I love your blog soon much. This post is really funny


    • maya · June 29

      Thanks, glad you like it 🙂


  31. regina5000 · June 29

    Congrats on the 2000 followers! 😄 Also, I really liked your post, so relatable! Also you’re very funny, reading this cracked me up (then I stopped laughing when I realized I was like that, just kidding!)! Great post!! 😄


  32. atkokosplace · June 29

    Congratulations on 2,000! Woohoo! Virtual high-five! Socializing can be fun, but also over-rated! I have people I “can” hang out with and I do from time to time, but I have such an active home life that makes it almost bothersome to “go out”. I even mowed an awesome trail out in the back half of my property so I can go hiking. If you are in the neighborhood, come on over for a hike! Hahaha. I think having friends doesn’t mean having to spend every waking free time with them. I think balance is good! Grats again on your followers! Well done! 🙂 Koko


  33. Beth Jones · June 29

    I can totally relate to this! Although there are days when I do like to hang out with friends (or at least Facetime/Skype those who I can’t meet up with), there is nothing wrong with a little of your own company! However, I have say the phone company text is *so* relatable 🙂


    • maya · June 29

      Hahaha, thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  34. TrainOfThought · June 29

    Hahaa, sometimes it’s just nice to no talk to people. Just have ‘a me’ day, where you think and oh, eat, of course. But, I don’t think I could live like that for ever, good idea for a post!


    • maya · June 29

      Oh course, you definitely need a bit of balance! But I thought it would be fun to look at things from a different perspective 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  35. hannahjoybooks · June 29

    Hey! Hahaha, I can relate to almost all of those! I seriously love the Con “The lines between reality and fiction begin to blur…” It’s hilarious and so true, at least for me. Great post!


  36. Sableyes · June 29

    Well done on the 2k follows. 😊

    Being unsociable means lots of free time to ride my motorbike and play with my dogs! Deffo a pro! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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